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Grant Program

Types of Grants


Generally, an operating grant is one that provides funding to an organization that is unrestricted and can be put to use to fund the grantee’s ongoing operations.  We view general operation grants as an investment in your organization since they generally are not restricted in their use.  

This type of grant is the most difficult to apply for from the Lienemann Charitable Foundation.  When we evaluate your request for an operating grant we will take into consideration the effectiveness of your organization, your organizations leadership and efficiency, the composition of your board of directors and their commitment to the organization with both time and money, your track record in fulling your purpose, and data demonstrating your impact on the community.  When making a grant request for a general operating grant you will want to make sure you cover these factors so that we have a complete picture of your organization.


Generally, a program grant is one that provides funding to an organization that is restricted to a specific project or purpose.  Depending on the program we may require some compliance data back from you to determine that the funds were spent on the appropriate program and determine if it was effectively utilized.


Scholarship grants are grants to accredited institutions of higher education beyond high school.  A scholarship is financial support awarded to a student based on predetermined criteria from an accredited institution of higher learning.  Scholarships are typically awarded using a variety of factors, including academic achievement, community involvement, employment experience, areas of study and financial need.  Scholarships are generally merit-based, need-based, student-specific, career-specific or college specific. The funds are typically used to defray the costs of tuition, books, room and board and other expenses directly tied to a student’s educational cost.  The Lienemann Charitable Foundation will not make scholarship grants to individuals.


Generally, a capital grant is for a long-term capital-intensive project with a purpose to build, purchase or improve a capital asset.  A capital asset is a significant piece of property. Examples are building(s), building additions, vehicles, computers, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and expensive office equipment, etc.  Capital projects are typically planned and discussed at length to decide the most efficient and resourceful plan of execution. A capital asset is an asset with a useful life longer than a year that is generally large in scale and cost relative to other projects that involve less planning and resources.


Generally, an endowment is typically an investment portfolio that has investment, withdrawal and a usage policy governing how it is run.  They are generally structured so the principal amount invested remains permanently intact, while investment income is available for immediate funding for specific needs or to further an organizations operating process.   To evaluate an endowment request we would typically want to know about the investment policy, withdrawal policy, and the usage policy. Endowments are either restricted or unrestricted.  Income from an unrestricted grant can be used in any way the recipient chooses. Income from restricted grants may have limitations put in place to serve a specific purpose. When applying for an endowment grant please be specific as to your intended use of the funds.


Typically grant requests fall into either a general operating, program, scholarship, Capital or Endowment categories.  However, you may have a grant request that does not fit into any of these categories, such as a debt forgiveness grant. The Lienemann Charitable Foundation will not fund or consider grants to individual persons.

Previous Grants

Many grants in varying amounts have been made since the Foundation
was organized on September 1, 1967. The following listing of grant
recipients are those who received significant grants from the Foundation.

University of Nebraska - Accounting Chair
University of Nebraska - Presidential Accounting Chair
University of Nebraska - College of Nursing Building
University of Nebraska - College of Business Building
University of Nebraska Foundation
Lincoln Symphony - Reduced Student Tickets
Bryan Health - Nurse Navigator
Lincoln Children's Zoo - Giraffe Junction Building
Henry Doorley Zoo - Sea Lion Shores
Nebraska District - LCMS
Estes Park Medical Foundation
Lake Cunningham Development Trust
Cedars Home For Children
Food Fort - Scholarships